Thursday, 18 January 2018

5 Points That Effect School’s Academic Performance

Academic is one of the important parts of school and student life. It will depict the performance of school in front of others. Although parents and various board authority also consider school’s academic performance to decide or find schools in India because it is one of the crucial factors that decide future of a child.

In this blog some points have been discussed that play an important role in school’s academic performance are

Enhance students learning through free learning portals

Online Educational portals or digital learning can play an important role in enhancing schools academic performance. Videos and images can help in better understanding the concept as compare to traditional audio class room teaching.

When technology combine with learning than it engage students, stimulate their interest and bring enjoyment in classroom learning.

Keep watch on attendance status of students

Attendance has a close relation with student academic performance. It was analyzed by researchers that students who attend regular classes will perform better in exams and on the other hand irregular students will drop the academic performance of school.

Therefore a suitable attendance management module of School ERP software will capture the attendance of students. It easy fetches student’s attendance and help in prediction of student’s performance.

Parent’s involvement increase child learning

Parent-teacher communication is an important part of student learning. Involvement of parents will motivate children towards learning and help them to submit their assignments on time. A proper use of SMS notifications regarding classroom updates, assignment, and academic performance of students can help to overcome gap between parents and teachers.

This is one of the most demanding feature that every parent search while find schools in Jaipur or other cities.

Make appropriate decision by data analysis technique

Data analysis is a technology that is used by companies to make their working easy. But it not only meant for companies, it can be used by schools to make right decision at right time. By analyzing data related to enrollments, students’ performance, student’s educational resources and many others can improve schools academic performance.

Trained faculty builds good students

A teacher can make and break the future of child. Therefore quality of faculty is an important factor in determining child’s performance and for this training of teachers should be done. It helps teachers to gain subject knowledge, classroom teaching methods or technology.

Schools need to be academically sound as well as technologically strong therefore Schoolchalao provide educational service that help parents, teachers and students. It’s free learning portal help students to download free study material while its schools in India portal help parents to find best schools for their child.

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