Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Some Teaching Tips that Enhance Students Progress

Teachers are the most important part of school and student’s life. According to several researches, it was found that the best way to check student progress is to access teachers and school quality. Hence teaching methods considered effective or trustworthy as it must be closely related to progress of students.

It would be important that the teachers or schools in Jaipur or other big cities should be proper in order to deliver efficient and accurate results. An effective teaching is a mere of successful transfer of knowledge and skills. Some tips that every teacher strive to develop are explained below.

Proper and deep down knowledge of subject

Good teachers have quality and in-depth knowledge about the subject. It helps in deep understanding of subject as well as enhances communication between students and teachers. Deep content knowledge will help teachers to understand students thinking and employ them better educational resource to learn.

Follow certain teaching practices

Teachers should follow certain practices in order to improve quality teaching. Some of them are described as
·         Adequate practice
Practical education will always help students to grasp the topic easily and efficiently. Therefore teaching should involve multiple practical sessions like games, group discussions; videos based learning, kids learning website and many others.
·         Regular internal Exams
Teachers should conduct internal exams or tests on regular basis. They should frequently check how much students are getting about the topic through cross questioning. It would also help teachers to timely analysis student’s weak points and work on its remedial actions.

Quality interaction between students and teachers

Deep understanding of subject will help teachers to easily interact with students as well as develop quality learning environment for students. A challenging classroom will help to build a sense of quality work among students.
If students get mastery in each topic then they gain interest for higher studies. So, teachers should use free learning portals to sharp their skills and knowledge related to numerous topics.

Well managed classrooms

Teachers are considered has one of the best classroom managers. They prepare lesson plans for students through various online learning portals or books. On the other hand create environment that encourage questions, collaborations and think- aloud sessions according to student’s behavior. Classroom management includes efficient use of classroom time, teaching tools and materials.


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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Some Tips How Teachers Make Students Engage In Studies

Nowadays as we observe that children have lost interest in going school. As schools follow old ways to teach a child so, they enjoy learn through online learning portals instead of attending schools to gain education.

Teacher plays an important role in child life. They can make the break the future of a child. So it is responsibility of teacher to make teaching interesting so that more and more students are can connect to classroom and studies. Teachers have a powerful tool of communication that helps them in better engagement of students during classroom session.

In this blog some points have been discussed that help teachers to make studies interesting and engaging for students.

Use different techniques while teaching

Children can learn the things more easily with the help of graphics, videos, and photos. Each child has its own perspective of learning, so if would be boring if we use white boards and chalks all time. Instead of this teachers should try different techniques to impart education like

  • They can use projectors to give live experience to students about any activity.
  • They can use images and photos related to particular topic or
  • Either they use kids learning websites to impart education.

Make learning two-way instead of one

Technology is evolving so it would be important for teachers to leave old ways of teaching techniques and make some changes in their teaching styles. Nowadays, students doesn’t like to listen one way lecture, so it would be important for teachers that their transmitted signals is correctly received by students.

For this teachers have to make studies interactive. A two way communication between students and teachers make studies more interesting like as it is done E-learning portals and forums.

Reduce communication obstacle between parents and teachers

Parents are equally responsible for child future as teachers have. So, if they work together then they can level up their child’s learning and best way to do this is to have an effective communication between parents and teachers.

It would be important for teachers to inform parents about their child academic performance, their learning behavior, attendance and many other features. It can be easily done with the help of SMS notification features of school software’s.

Provide supportive environment to students

A teacher works as a leader for students who enlighten them the path of success. So, it would responsibility of a teacher to listen student’s problems and provide a supportive environment to them. Hence they can actively participate in discussions and other free study lessons.

Follow mixed teaching styles

Always follow a same tone while talking to students can make learning boring and useless. So, teachers should follow student centered learning techniques and mention importance of topic while discussing with them.

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Thursday, 18 January 2018

5 Points That Effect School’s Academic Performance

Academic is one of the important parts of school and student life. It will depict the performance of school in front of others. Although parents and various board authority also consider school’s academic performance to decide or find schools in India because it is one of the crucial factors that decide future of a child.

In this blog some points have been discussed that play an important role in school’s academic performance are

Enhance students learning through free learning portals

Online Educational portals or digital learning can play an important role in enhancing schools academic performance. Videos and images can help in better understanding the concept as compare to traditional audio class room teaching.

When technology combine with learning than it engage students, stimulate their interest and bring enjoyment in classroom learning.

Keep watch on attendance status of students

Attendance has a close relation with student academic performance. It was analyzed by researchers that students who attend regular classes will perform better in exams and on the other hand irregular students will drop the academic performance of school.

Therefore a suitable attendance management module of School ERP software will capture the attendance of students. It easy fetches student’s attendance and help in prediction of student’s performance.

Parent’s involvement increase child learning

Parent-teacher communication is an important part of student learning. Involvement of parents will motivate children towards learning and help them to submit their assignments on time. A proper use of SMS notifications regarding classroom updates, assignment, and academic performance of students can help to overcome gap between parents and teachers.

This is one of the most demanding feature that every parent search while find schools in Jaipur or other cities.

Make appropriate decision by data analysis technique

Data analysis is a technology that is used by companies to make their working easy. But it not only meant for companies, it can be used by schools to make right decision at right time. By analyzing data related to enrollments, students’ performance, student’s educational resources and many others can improve schools academic performance.

Trained faculty builds good students

A teacher can make and break the future of child. Therefore quality of faculty is an important factor in determining child’s performance and for this training of teachers should be done. It helps teachers to gain subject knowledge, classroom teaching methods or technology.

Schools need to be academically sound as well as technologically strong therefore Schoolchalao provide educational service that help parents, teachers and students. It’s free learning portal help students to download free study material while its schools in India portal help parents to find best schools for their child.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Why It Is Important For Schools to Have a Website

In today’s world, when we find a business, or a store to shop, we use internet and there is rarely any business or organization that doesn’t have a website. An online presence is extremely important for business owners to explore their potential customers and interested parties. A website is not only important for business but it also proves beneficial for school to have a free dynamic school website.

Establish a schools online presence is critical; it is an effective advertising tool as well as communication place for parents and students. It is not help to build an effective image in front of audience but also brings a lot of wealth opportunities for tremendous growth of schools. In this blog, some reasons have been explained that clear the importance of School’s website.

Provide important information in a compact form

A dynamic school website can share or communicate all valuable information with families and students. It saves valuable time of staff and administration by lessen repetitive tasks like answering phone call about location of school, course and curriculum details, school and staff contact details and many more.

Strengthen your credibility among people

There are various schools in India, so it would be important for schools to build their trust among people and the best way to do this is to build a schools website. It acknowledges interested parents about growing status of school, up-to-date about events held in schools and all other features that build trust of people.

A school website for free is a permanent advertising tooling that is available 24*7 for everyone. It is a low cost medium source to grab user’s attention.

Light school awareness

Student enrollment is one of the important key for school growth and starting a schools website can create awareness among potential families and students. A free dynamic website can make your school a tough competitor among others in such a technology growing world.


Schools are the pillars of child future and everyone want a quality school for their child. But in the growing world there are so many schools in cities, so it became a complicated task for parents to find Schools in Jaipur and other cities and therefore everyone is opting online ways to find schools and one of the online website Schoolchalao help people to find Schools in India.

It would be also beneficial for schools to build an effective online presence among audience by using register your school service of Schoolchalao.

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