Wednesday, 23 August 2017

How to Build a better future for your child

Everyone wants a better future for their child, one of the best way for this is “Education”. Education is the basic requirement for every nation; no nation can survive without it. Education is the main stone which builds the nation and helps it prosper in future. Education is a fundamental human right, which is very essential for the development of an individual and the society as a whole; hence education should be made compulsory for everyone.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to educate a child i.e
            Through Books     
      Through Social media
·         Through Gamification
·         Through Online learning tools

As digitization is increasing at a rapid scale, mostly people or children are prefer to get education online. Nowadays, there are so many websites which provide online education. But we have to search one topic in one website and one in another so to help you from such a hassle we are providing a single website that contain all the information i.e “”.

SchoolChalao  is a revolutionary approach in education sector. It contain features that works as a learning point for children, parents and also a software that is useful for schools to maintain their records. Some of the learning points provided by SchoolChalao are mentioned below:-
·         Art and craft  activities
·         General Awareness
·         Childhood Development,
·         Parenting and Child Health
·         Motivational images and videos
·         Personality development
·         Set Study Goals
·         Self-directed Learning Games
·         And many more…….

As we see, general awareness is asked in each and every exams and due to lack of knowledge people are unable to secure a job, Computers are the necessary in today’s world but most of the public unable to operate it and various other activities mentioned above are useful in our life. So, Schoolchalao is a website which help you gain knowledge about all these activities. It will be useful not only for a child as well a person to grow and gain knowledge.

SchoolChalao is also comprehensive school management software. It is designed to help schools to maintain their records without paper and in hassle-free environment. Our Software allow schools to maintain all sorts of records like students records, teachers records, ex-student records, fees and payroll records, previous exam records and lots more. Our software is also useful for parents who are unable to find best school for their child, unable to take care of their child academic progress. As, our software help parents to search best school in their locality which is suitable for their child career and also provide academic progress report of their child time to time.


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