Tuesday, 31 October 2017

How School is Important for Child Development

The growth of a country depends upon the quality of education system. The children of today will become the future of tomorrow. A school can play an important role to convert impressionable mind into a better human being. It is seen that online learning or learning process play an important role in shaping one’s personality and how he/she face the situation. The shift of thoughts from bookish knowledge to the knowledge of life, in schools, has brought forth a sea of change.

Education or the choice of right school will help in overall development of a child not just collecting degrees in life. It helps to cultivate health thought process and groom abilities. Today, education is as important as food, shelter and other things. One of the factors that are responsible in providing quality of education is to find right School for child. In this blog, some points have been discussed that shows the importance of Schools in Child Development.

Knowledge is power

Schools are the foundation or we can say backbone in building students career. It gave a chance to children to acquire knowledge in variety of fields like mathematics, social studies, politics, history and numerous subjects. Schools also teach how to work in a team, share things with others, discipline, punctuality, manners and many other things that play an important role in upbringing of a child.

Build academic career of a child

Better schooling will help to get enrolled in best college and thus play an important role in achieving dreams. With the choice of right school or through higher education, a person easily find a good job and live his life in the best possible way he can.

Enhance social engagement

When children attend school, then they get chance to come in contact with other children and this would lead to good social life as well as broaden parameters of knowledge.

Nowadays, School has become a stepping stone in a life of a child, where he learn lot more than things with learning and understanding the importance of school in children life, Schoolchalao develop a website that is fully dedicated to children, parents and students. Modules of this website like Register Your School, Free Learning Website for Students, Find Schools are one of the best features that build an effective online presence of schools and help parents to find best school for their child.

Monday, 23 October 2017

Some Basic Tips to Make Online Learning Successful

In today’s digital era, market conditions are changing dynamically. The utilization of mobile phones has increased significantly. New age learners are shifted from landline phones to smartphones and from postal messages to E-mails. It is of no wonder that learning styles and preferences of modern learners are evolving with time. So, it’s time to adopt new learning methods that deliver sufficient training outcome.

In an effort to keep up with the fast-paced world driven by technological advances, education system is including more and more technology that makes online learning successful. Some of the tips that make online learning successful are discussed below.

Organize time wisely
Keep organized is very important as it required a strong time management skills. Online courses provide flexibility to study anywhere, anytime but don’t mean you don’t have to study! Just like you attend lectures in classroom in a regular time, similarly prepare a calendar that contains details about your online assignments and try to complete them on regular basis without any delay. Follow calendars on regular basis will greatly help online learners to manage things properly.

Figure out best resources available
As there are various websites available in market that offer variety of courses and study material for student, parents and teachers. So, everyone should know about various websites or online resources related to their technologies and try to use them in the best possible they can.

Learn from instructor
Online learning brings an opportunity to learn from the instructor’s expertise. By Building a strong relationship with online instructor will help to clarify problems as well as increase your understanding related to different topics.

Help to put forward your views
Most of the students are unable to express their views in classroom or in front of audience due to public speaking anxieties. For such people an online learning provide a platform that help to discuss topics, raise questions in front of people. Online learning will provide a network for helpful exchange of information as well as improve writing and communication skills.

Achieving online learning success is like making a healthy meal. As long as the food has a right amount and balance between fats, protein and other ingredients, the body will be healthy. Likewise, achieving greater results through online education require a balance between proper and wise use of technology and timing. With this effort, Schoolchalao also develop a free online learning portal that contains various useful facts that broaden person’s perception of learning.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Make School Smart through School Management Software

Today, Education is important for each and every person to achieve greater heights and the best way to get education is through schools. A school can consist of various departments and to manage each department efficiently is not an easy task. Hence, with the help of technology schools can easy handle operations in various departments. Involvement of technology in school will bring innovation in education sector.
Back to the days, when administrators, teachers and office personnel are relied on manual method to manage and organize various operations in schools. Fortunately, technology brings various innovation tools that help perform various tasks and handle issue effectively. One of such tool is school management software.

School management software is highly integrated, fully-customized, web based management software that easily manage all school related activities as well as work as a communication platform between parents, teachers and students. Its various user-friendly features increase the overall working efficiency of schools.

Some of its features that really help schools to manage their departments are discussed below.

Keep Record of Database

The most important factor for school is management of database. As, these databases contain each and every information of students, teachers and various department. So, proper maintenance of them is a key importance for them. Storing, retrieving and modifying student’s record can be done using this real-time application. It also places all records at one location and only authorized person can access this database.

Reduce financial cost

Managing student’s record, teachers detail, fee management, school supplies and many more through computerized method can reduce financial cost of schools, by reducing the number of people involved in this.

Task Scheduling

This tool will help teachers to schedule timetable, homework, test and extra curriculum activities for students. It also helps them to efficiently keep record of every student performance.

Effective communication

According to present situations, an effective communication between parents, teachers and students is important. This tool will send every information’s related to students like academic record, attendance information, school notification and many others to parents and thus build a strong interaction between them.

This tool is one of the best ways to manage school activities and thus help schools to impart effective education to students. With this mission, Schoolchalao also offer school management software that easily manage all school-related activities as well as a free learning portal that help students to learn useful information’s and facts.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How Important For Schools to Have An Online Presence

“First Impression is last presence, so create your beautiful presence online”

According to market analysis, there is no doubt that an online presence is necessary in each and every business. When majority of the customers are online, then it became important to build an online presence. No matter what size of your business and which industry you belong too.
Today, when everything is moving towards digitalization, then education sector seems to have a signification shift from offline publication to online mode. This shift is basically done according to audience demand as most of the parents are moving towards digitization. Having an online presence will help in variety of factors, that we will discuss below.

Publicize your brand

Building an online presence will help to increase your brand awareness. You can make your school visible to parents by providing contact details and other social media links that help them to reach to school. Your school is brand after all and this would greatly increase the chance of brand growth.

Easy Grab Audience Attention

Having a strong online presence will attracts audience from miles. There are potentially thousands of parents who live 100 miles away or down the road, everyone get an equal opportunity to see your school online. So, to grab audience it would be necessary to build a strong online presence.

Help to build relationship with parents

In a busy scenario, nobody is having enough time to visit each school and figure out its features. Hence having an engaging and informative website will help parents to figure out facilities and features of school. It also helps them to get all latest news about events taking place in schools and many more. This is a vital in building a strong relationship with parents; it let them understand about thoughts and vision of school.

By having a strong presence online will help school to get connected to audience easily and to be part of education sector, Schoolchalao will help schools to build an impact-full presence in front of audience. However, we would say that world is moving towards digitization and if schools doesn’t follow the trend then it would be left aside.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

How Smart Parent Choose a Right School for Their Child

While thinking about choosing a right school for a child, we came across a variety of options in the market. And they all are a little different. So it became difficult to decide best school for a child. In this blog we will discuss some points which parents should consider before choosing a school for a child.

Relationship between teachers and students
The connection between a child and teacher is very important than any curriculum. In school students have to spend most of the time with teachers. Then parents should understand the perspective of teacher with the current classroom. A teacher should be well informed about the strength and weaknesses of an every child as well as his academic achievements are sound enough that effectively contributes to child growth.

Understand working philosophy of school
Only the brand name of school does not enough for child admission. There are various private as well as government schools that contain variety of facilities but unable to impart quality of education to children. So, it’s very important for parents to understand the working principles of school. They should check how lessons are taught in school, how effectively they communicate with parents and some other factors that are important for child education.

Least important factor is test scores
People mostly judge the school by its academic records but it’s not necessary that a school which delivers excellent will also impart a quality of education. As we see, schools are mostly focus on the test syllabus which help child to score good marks but due to which a child is lacking about various surrounding information which is important to build concepts for future. So, while deciding a school test scores should be placed on least priorities as compare to other factors.

Today, there are various private and government schools opened but to choose the right one will give enhancement to your child career. So, being a part of education system, Schoolchalao provide a list of schools on the basis of rating and reviews. Hence, parents should also found a right school for their child from here.

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