Friday, 16 February 2018

Some Common Differences Exist between Traditional Learning and Online Learning

Learning is a key to gain education and knowledge. It depend upon person whether they adopt traditional form of learning or online learning. Because each learning methodology has its own advantages and disadvantages.

In fact, onlinelearning portal is gaining huge popularity among people but it doesn’t mean that it is a right choice for everyone. Therefore in order to answer this question, let us understand some common difference between traditional style of learning and online style of learning.

Synchronous and asynchronous form of learning

Synchronous form of learning requires the presence of all instructors and learners. It includes activities like commenting and forming opinions on a particular topic. It is somewhat similar to traditional form of learning where teacher put forth an argument and the children participate in debate. The teacher does not correct any kind of language semantics and does not remind students to stay on topic.

Asynchronous form of learning includes online style of learning in which learners and students log in according to their convenience and add comments. It provides flexibility to submit opinion on free learning portals and participate in live discussions.

Discipline and self-motivation- An important key to success

Discipline and self-motivation have a key role in every person life. Both traditional and online educational resources require some kind of discipline succeed.

E-learning portals provide flexibility in online learning but with a lack of self-motivation. These portals provide numerous resources to study and download but leave students in struggling position to get self- motivated.

While in traditional style of learning, discipline and motivation is the key factor. Children get motivated by the regular feedback provided by teachers and also get motivated in the accompany of their fellow students.

Social Interaction is also an important point taken into consideration

Social interaction is important factor to enhance one’s personality and skills. It helps students to succeed and stay motivated.

Despite technological advances, traditional learning is still a better option to thrive face-to-face interaction. While talking and interacting with traditional instructors on regular basis can be motivating for students.

On the other hand kidslearning website or online learning portals were lack in providing social interaction. As these websites will provide a platform for students to learn and explore something new but keep them a step back from social interaction.

Every human being has abilities to gain education and knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether it is gained through online mode or traditional style. One such free learning portal that helps students to gain useful information and facts is Schoolchalao.

It consists of numerous activities like personality development, art and craft activities, general awareness, health education, motivational videos and numerous others. Along with this it also help parents to find right schools for their child through its find schools in Jaipur portal.

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