Thursday, 21 September 2017

Be Smart In Your Learning through Mobile Phones

With the development in technology, each and every person is now equipped with a smart phone and with the grace of telecom company and their offers, everyone is having an online presence specially youngsters. Then why not we should use the technology at the right place that is to learn something? Online learning is one of the best ways to learn and explore your ideas and with the help of mobile phones it becomes easier to use it. In this blog, there are some techniques discussed that shows mobile devices to support learners.

Easy access to education Resources
Everyone understands features of the mobile phone, so they can easily navigate any education website or any learning material that satisfy their expectations and help in gaining knowledge. With the help of mobile phones we can easy explore these sites and find an odd from these that help us learn something new and innovative. For example, students can easily access material which helps them to complete their projects or help them create something new and increase their imagination.

Just-in-time support
This is an important and most common use of mobile phone in terms of learning. Learners can easy access the learning material in the moment they need, and this can be any of the following forms:-
·         Search database for information
·         Blogs and wiki pages
·         Guidance related to any topic
·         Animation and videos related to various topics

Provide open platform for discussions
Through online learning every person gets a platform to discuss or share their ideas and queries with the experts. It also helps to get suggestions or solutions through experts. It could do on laptops and pc’s but mobile phone adds an additional feature to it because it’s not easy to carry laptops and pc’s everywhere, but a mobile phone can be easy placed in pocket and use for learning whenever required.

Education should be available to each and every person, with this goal Schoolchalao design a free learning portal that not only compatible with mobile phones but also contain various interesting activities and information that is not only useful for students but also inspire others towards learning and innovation.

“Move a step ahead, towards learning”

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