Thursday, 28 December 2017

Latest Trends in Online Learning in 2018

Online learning is a huge leap forward compared to education available for previous generations who were subject to tough entry requirements and had to physically go to classroom to have access to a teacher. E-learning is quickly over powering the traditional teaching methods as well as offering students a broader learning experience. There are various E-learning trends in 2018 help bring education to next level.

Use of AR/ VR technology

Virtual reality creates a stimulated learning environment while augmented reality blends computer generated information with the viewer’s natural sense. It provide onlinelearning sphere where learners will recognize their potential by getting more in-depth and tailored programmed to study.
It also helps tutors to engage their students by creating more interactive environment which sparks student’s imagination and encourage deeper learning.

Get to learn new by following social learning

The issue to share professional information across the organization creates a lot of discussion. Thus it all needs to integrate learning with social media. Here we study as a part of group and feel motivated, to achieve better results and scores.

Work easily with different platforms with XAPI

In terms of flexibility, xAPI is an important part of E-learning. It helps integration and reporting between different platforms. With xAPI , administrators don’t need to worry about losing data between different platforms. For example, an online learner can start a course in the Learning Management System, then continue with mobile app and then end it on tablet.

One of the interesting learning method-Gamification

Gaming is one of the best ways to engage or get user engagement and retention of information. As we see students learn hard logics and formulas through various interesting games and videos. It can be 
created for various subjects and develop different levels of skills.

Learn something through bite sized learning or micro-learning

We can’t learn everything in a single day, the best way to learn something new is to take small amounts of information at a time. As in traditional learning methods, people attend lectures of 1 hour continuously but the fact is that a human being can focus on something for a maximum of 20 minutes.
So, micro-learning or bit-sized learning provides lessons of anything from 60 seconds to maximum of 20 minutes. Hence learners can fully concentrate on learning.


Online learning can bring lots of new ways of learning that manage user’s engagement as well provide variety of learning material. One such website that keeps user attention through its excellent collection of useful information’s and facts is Schoolchalao. It consist a free learning portal that help parents, teachers and students. So, people should follow global trends of E-learning to ensure their growth and consistency.

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